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I’ve been a journalist and editor for over 20 years, first in the UK and now in the US, focusing on art and finance.

I’ve written features about investing in art and other collectibles for the Financial Times, The Economist and Observer, among others, and a BBC column on collecting trends. I've covered art funds, art indices, the market for individual artists, and even art investment vacations, all the time focusing on the potential and pitfalls of art as an asset.

For the last eight years, I've also written the blog Priceless, a warts-and-all guide to art investment for Forbes. I started that blog because too much press coverage at the time suggested that investing in art was a pretty straightforward, data-driven, transparent business, when in reality, it was very difficult. Buyers were grappling with a market that was illiquid, opaque and unregulated.

With the proliferation of new businesses all claiming to democratize the art market, there’s even more press coverage today that suggests art investing is simple, even though the art market is still illiquid, opaque and mostly unregulated, and art investment is still hard. In some ways, which I’ll explain in this newsletter, it is even harder today than when I started the Priceless blog eight years ago.

This means that people really need objective, expert analysis before they part with their money, but when it comes to art investment, that’s hard to find.

So from now on, Priceless will take the form of this quarterly newsletter, rather than a blog on Forbes, so I can better focus on writing no-nonsense, balanced art investment articles geared to art buyers. I’ll support all my reporting with data, while also explaining the limitations of the universe of data available.

I hope you’ll find the Priceless newsletter interesting and useful and I’ll be extremely happy if you subscribe to get the newsletter in your inbox each quarter and share this with others. I would also love your feedback on what you’d like me to cover in future issues. You can always email me at priceless@substack.com.

Finally, this free newsletter is made possible by contributions from my lovely readers and subscribers. If you’d like to make a small donation to help me get more warts-and-all reporting on art investment out into the world, I’d be very grateful, and it would mean a lot. You can do so through buymeacoffee.com. Just click on the button below. Thank you and thanks for reading!

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